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“redefining memories – on the traces of the past”

Jord means earth – not the planet, but the mother soil – on which everything grows and thrives, making life possible. It stands for home, solidarity, tradition, remembrance and love.

In the Jord we honor you with a concept dedicated to dinner and togetherness. A supposedly simple topic and yet incredibly emotional for all of us. It always takes us back to our childhood and being together with family and friends. We take you on a journey that changes every month – alone, with family, with friends or colleagues, but always with the feeling of being at home.

But the Jord would be nothing without the connection and love for the vine and so over 150 positions fill our map. A colorful journey through all German growing regions, France, Italy, Spain and Austria. But you can also find the BrewDog beer specially brewed for Björn Swanson here.


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Dennis Uçak

chef & host

“For me, Dennis is one of the best chefs I know. Safe in taste and equipped with an accuracy that makes him by far the best pastry chef I know. We started our “fine dining” careers together under Christian Lohse in the former “Fischers Fritz” in 2008 and have now been working together four times. Dennis brings all the influences together in the JORD and leads the team with his natural confidence and immense experience” Björn Swanson

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Max Kraft


“Max is a host with body and soul, has a good Berlin snout and has incredible wine expertise. He compensates for his late entry into gastronomy with dedication and passion. During his studies of philosophy, politics and psychology in Halle, he discovered his love for wine in a roundabout way – the rest is history” Bernadette Wullich “head of operations”

“I see myself as a link between the wine, whose expertise I know, and the guest, whose taste I see, know or find out. If I were a Harry Potter character – I would be Ollivanders from the wand shop in Diagon Alley that finds a wand for every wizard”.

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HAI trinh


German-American with Swedish roots. star chef. family man. entrepreneur. Donut.

Hai loves authentic and honest customer service, just as he loves honest and authentic wines. His credo is “guests should feel like they’re staying with good friends and not necessarily like they’re in a restaurant”. He lives this philosophy with everything he has.

“I am always looking for the greatest possible harmony and the “perfect match” in my recommendations. But I’m always happy to cater to the wishes of my guests.”

Björn Swanson

The mind behind

German-American with Swedish roots. star chef. family man. entrepreneur. Donut.

My way into the catering trade was unconventional and maybe that’s why it was crowned with success. Looking at things differently, thinking “outside the box” and always acting in a solution-oriented manner have always been attributes that have distinguished me from other chefs. I never see problems, only opportunities and solutions. This has enabled us as a company to expand in the middle of the pandemic and to consolidate our market position.

I don’t need false luxury or status symbolism in my restaurants. What we and I want to stand for is very simple: cordiality. Perfect authentic service and to the point, clear taste – paired with traditional craftsmanship.

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